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  • Jiangsu Taiyuan Environmental Protection

    Our mission: to make the earth more healthy, so that the intergenerational more equitable!
    Our aim: to exceed customer expectations, to enhance the value of employees, to assume social responsibility!
    Our vision: to become China's environmental protection industry in the most influential and credibility of environmental protection enterprises!

    Company profile

    必威体育手机登录_必威betwayapp(Stock Code: 836479 was founded in 2004, is headquartered in China's most livable city, Yixing pottery. Company equipment driven by engineering and services, to achieve a real economy and capital economy drive.
    Taiyuan environmental protection is mainly engaged in water processing equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance later reformation, the third party entrust operation and PPP, BOT, TOT, EPC project. Company in line with the principle of "the four modernizations" humanized design, management standardization, the ultimate product, fine service, follow the direction of Innovation Portfolio, iteration introduced excellent quality, reasonable price, complete functions, automation degree high products, equipment manufacturing capacity more than 1000 sets / year, the annual output value of more than 3 billion yuan. Major projects supporting products: Black grille cleaning machine, conveyor, valves, pressure blasting machine, water decanter, scraping mud suction machine, thickener, dehydration machine, domestic and industrial wastewater processing device, pure water and a water device, waste gas treatment equipment removal in.

    Product Center

    C (G) TB type high efficiency inclined plate (tube) sedimentation tank
    C (G) TB type high e…
    TWL gravity type non valve filter
    TWL gravity type non…
    TJY dosing device
    TJY dosing device
    TJJ (G) type accelerated settling tank stirring and scraping machine
    TJJ (G) type acceler…
    TZXG type central drive suspension type mud scraper
    TZXG type central dr…
    TXCS type cyclone grit chamber
    TXCS type cyclone gr…

    Engineering case

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    Danyang Shiche…

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    Nanjing East S…

    Pujiang fourth…

    Vietnam 40000m…

    Zhejiang Xia W…

    Company honor

    Business license (Ta…
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